Anish Krishnan Ganesh

Anish Krishnan Ganesh

Founder & CEO

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Hey, my name is Anish. I’m a 16-year-old 11th grader with a love for all things AI. Currently, I am working on a research paper on Artificial Intelligence under the guidance of Harvard University and New York University mentors to find out whether training conversational AI with sentiment-based rewards exhibit meaningful semantic variation. I have worked as a Data Science Intern for 2+ years and have extensive experience working with Machine Learning, Deep Learning using Python, TensorFlow, and PyTorch. I have implemented AI concepts in solving multiple real-world problems and have developed a handful of AI products that have applications in the fields of healthcare, education, music, finance, and reducing waste. My goal is to educate the world on the unlimited possibilities of AI and make a positive impact on society through Conquerly.

I was the World Topper in IGCSE Mathematics, Grand Award Winner at IRIS National Fair and will be representing India at ISEF 2021, received an honorable mention by the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences, School Topper in Grade X with 7A*s and 2As at Cambridge Assessment International Examinations, International Math Olympiad qualifier, participated in several hackathons, and won most of them. I have also completed a Java programming course from John Hopkins University, three IBM AI Engineering courses, and advanced Python programming courses from Datacamp.

I love playing basketball, guitar, taking part in MUNs, and I am the president of the school debate club. I also volunteer as the youth coach and technology/media partner at the Frolick basketball club, and I am the team lead and a student volunteer at The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Foundation. From a young age, I have lived my life with the words never give up flowing through my very being. Remember, when the going gets tough, the tough gotta go.

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