Intelligent diagnosis is a platform in which our AI chatbot talks with patients before consultations or appointments with doctors.


Build a solution that helps patients receive accurate medical advice using Artificial Intelligence.

  • Technology

    Artificial Intelligence

  • Domain

    Healthcare AI

  • Innovator


The integrated DiagnoBot asks questions on the patients’ problem and takes a rough diagnosis of the patient allowing for doctors to get a pre-diagnostic report that allows them to significantly do better diagnosis of their patients before the consultation. Saving time and also allowing the doctor to understand the medical scenario of the patient better. We used the Flask microframework along with chatterbot API to make this program work. We also added an intuitive interface that allows for the doctor to handle reports and look at the results of the chatbot diagnosis. Time is crucial in saving lives and we hope that DiagnoBot can act as a headstart for doctors and allow in a more accurate and faster diagnosis and medical experience significantly helping in the overall healthcare experience.

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