AI can make quality control easy

According to the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) and the Food Marketing Institute (FMI), about half a percent of all the sales in the store end up unsellable because they are damaged. This percentage may not seem like a lot, but, this generates a loss of around $1 billion annually in the USA alone. This damage, however, can be minimized. There are many factors that could be attributed to goods getting damaged such as:

  • Improper packaging
  • Building loads that do not fit into their pallets
  • Not leaving enough space between pallets


Of course, there may be other issues involved but these are the main factors. Using AI technology, damages can be reduced. Using techniques like computer vision, machine learning, and automation, proper packaging and safe transit of goods can occur. With computer vision, the software can identify and record the goods, how they are packaged, how they are arranged, can identify incorrect packaging, and spot any damages while receiving the goods. Using this data gathered through computer vision combined with historical data and target data, the system can be trained to identify potential issues with packaging beforehand and can give a heads-up to the person in charge of packing. With this technology working alongside IoT connected cameras and automation, employees can boost their productivity and efficiency by doing it right the first time, every time.


Another reason for damaged or lost goods is due to improper maintenance of transport vehicles. Every now and then, cargo trucks do not reach their destination on time because of some mechanical failure and can be stranded on the highway for hours with cargo on board that needs to be delivered as soon as possible. By using telematics from the vehicle, preventive maintenance can be performed before its journey begins. With the help of IoT connected sensors and cameras, and the use of machine learning to identify potential issues, the system can show what steps to take to resolve the problems. If a problem occurs while driving, the system will send recommendations to the drivers like where is the next service center or mechanic shop, or it can send an alert to a maintenance team so they can reach the truck before the issue becomes serious.

So it is possible, with the help of AI, to minimize the damages that occur during transportation. With fewer damages, we have less wastage. It saves companies a ton of money and is better for the planet.

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